Where Is My Home? (Chords)
Dm        G       Dm      G
Ch       Rollin' stone, rollin' stone.
C                   A
Where is my home?
Em                         A
Where can I call home?
Dm               G        D                      G
V1 Foxes have holes. Birds have their nests.
Em              A       Em        A
I have no place to lay my head.
C               Am
I lay on a stone.
C            Am   Dm             G
I see the moon high in the sky.
Dm            G                   C
She is my one and only love.
Dm                   G
V2 She never says never.
Dm                   G
She never says no.
Em                      A
She'll never say goodbye.
Em                              A
She'll never break my heart,
Dm         G                             C
My frail heart, my frail heart.

Copyright © 2011 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.