What a Colorful World (Chords)
A         C#m   Bm                 E
Ch         What I see    is    a colorful world,
A              C#m    Bm          E
Down the deep,  deep blue sea.
A         C#m   Bm                 E
What I see    is    a colorful world,
A               C#m  Bm        E
Red maple leaves     and evergreens.
Dm           A                    F#
V What I see  is a beautiful world,
Bm                E                     F#
People of all colors livin' in harmony,
Bm              E         Bm        E
Black and white, yellow and brown,
Bm               A
And red one too.
F                                  G
Br But I'm waitin' for my lover
F                                   G
To come and live with me
                             G      A
In this colorful world.

Copyright © 2013 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.