We Were the Ones (Lyrics)

Words and Music by Rodger Tolentino
Concept by Anderson Hung
Copyright © 2013 All rights reserved.

Verse 1
We were the ones, ten thousand strong,
Who helped build the Pacific Railway.
The pulse of Canada's economy will be
Running to make way for
The unification of a nation from east to west.

Verse 2
We were the Chinese workers.
We were the ones who worked
Rain or shine, dark or bright.
That's the way of our lives.

We were the ones. Yes, we were the ones
Who lived in camps
Hot or cold, young and old.
Many laid down their lives for
The western stretch of the railway.

Uh uh uh, uh uh uh uh.

Canadian Pacific Railway
Built between 1881 and 1885