Traffic Light (Chords)
       Am    D
Ch       Traffic    light,
       Am    D
Traffic    light,
        Am       D      Am        D
You hit your car to make a run.
        Am      D          Am            G
You drive in    lanes, come snow     or rain.
      Am            D           Am      D
You    take the train. It's just the same
All of the way.
    Am         D       Am         D
It blinks on left. It blinks on right.
        Am        D        Am             D
You cruise to go but stop ahead,
     Am         D            G
Or red light show and slow and slow you go.
          Bb                C
V Night falls, you drive  alone.
          Bb                              D
Can't wait, can't wait to reach    back home.
         Bb                            D
How many days before I'm    free?
To the endless, endless sight I see.

Copyright © 2011 Donna Kennedy and Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.