To Know You More (Chords)
           E                                                 G#m
Ch To know you more is to love you more,
  F#m                                               B
  And not to know you is no love at all.
  E                     G#m
  You're Finnish, five   foot seven,
  F#m                           B
  I'm   Filipino, five foot two.
  E                        G#m
  You like spendin',
  F#m                   B
  Overspendin' ev'ryday.
  E                                              G#m
  I  like savin', I like savin', I like savin'.
  F#m                        B
  Save and save for tomorrow.
  G                            Em
V Seein' each other is easy,
  G                       Em
  Livin' together is hard.
                C             D
  You and  I  are through.
  C                          D     C
  I've got to let you go.
           D       Em
  Let you be you
  C         D       Em
  And I will be me,
  C         D        G
  And I will be me.

Words and Music by Rodger Tolentino
Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved.