That Spark of Love (Chords)
A                   F#m     A                    F#m
V1         That spark of love  between you and me,
Bm                                                           E
That magic moment when our eyes have met,
A                   F#m       A              F#m
That yearnin' feelin' is still  in my heart,
  Bm                                                E
That thrillin' sensation is still on my mind.
 A              F#m              A                         F#m
V2 Let's keep love  burnin', and let moonlite shinin',
 Bm                                        E
Or it will be gone, and fade away.
 A                  F#m      A               F#m
Let's make it shines,   let's make it right,
 Bm                                   E
That spark of love feelin' tonite.
V3 La la la la.  La la la la.
La la la la.  La la la la.
 A                F#m    A              F#m
Oh, what a feelin'! Oh, what a night!
Du du du du.  Du du du du.  Du du du.

Copyright © 2011 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.