Sweet Surrender (Chords)
Intro       A    D    G
Am                   D
V1 One day on the plane
Am                 D
Sitting by my side
A lovely Chinese gal.
Am                            D
She wears a lovely smile.
Am                            D
I said, "I'm an Italian guy."
She said, "I'm a Canadian gal."
Am             D
V2 She has a pretty face.
Am                         D
It was love at first sight
In an airline flight.
Am                           D
Will this be a love story
Am                                        Dm
To let her know I'm a ship engineer?
She said, "We got flower business."
Em            A
Ch Love is surrender.
Em                     A
I'll give up my career.
Em                 A         Em               A
I'll move in anywhere just to marry her.
Bm          E       Bm                E
Love is tender. Give and surrender.
Bm               E                  Bm            E
True love, true  love has changed my life.

Copyright © 2011 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.