Sweet Sweet Seventeen (Chords)
 A         C#m    B#m
Ch1         Sweet, sweet seventeen.
 A         C#m    B#m
Sweet, sweet seventeen.
 A           C#m                       B#m
Ch2 I   met a tall    and handsome guy.
 A       C#m                            B#m
He worked with me side by side.
 A       C#m                   B#m
Had a wonderful time together.
 A          C#m               B#m              E
I   guess he    loves me as      I love him.
D                  E       A              Bm
V1 One day, he said, "I'm gonna marry,
D          E            A       Bm
Marry Lucy, the girl I love."
D                 E       A      Bm
Sleepless nights, tearful nights.
D                             A        E
Hurtin' alone deep inside.
(Ch 1)
D                 E              Bm
V2 Now I'm lookin' for a man
D              E                          Bm
To fill my heart, this empty heart.
D                 E      A         Bm
I just can't wait another day
D                                        A
To heal this achin' heart of mine.
(Ch 1)

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