Searching for a Tree (Chords) Searching for a Tree (Chords)
Am                                 G
Ch         He went searchin' for a tree,
F                                     E
He went searchin' for a tree.
Am                                                 G
He went to the east, he went to the west,
F                                  E
He went ev'rywhere searchin' for a tree.
Am                        G
Once, he was a successful businessman.
F                                            E
One day, his business went under.
Am                              G
His wife divorced him, his children left him.
F                                  E
He had no face to see, to see his friends.
A                                  F#m
V One day, he found the tree,
A                                   F#m
Then he climbed up the tree.
Bm                   E     Bm                          E
He realized up there he  got no rope and yelled.
A                     F#m
He took off his pants,
D       E         A
And hanged himself.

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