A Rose Is a Rose (Chords)
        A                 C#         D           Dm
V1         Yesterday was yesterday, today is today,
        Dm                    Dm         F#
Tomorrow will be tomorrow. Black is black,
        B                      E                       A         E
White  is white, and yellow is yellow today.
        A                C#
V2 Gold    is gold, silver is silver,
        D         Dm                           Dm
Bronze is bronze. A promise is a promise.
         A           F#         B               E        A              E
Equality is equality. Freedom is freedom all day long.
          A                      C#
Ch A rose   is a rose. No compromise.
          D                                Dm
A rose   is a rose. The scent is       nice.
             A                            F#
Would you ever be makin' a stand,
   B        A                   E
And realize that a rose is a rose,
   B        A                   E          A    F#    A
And realize that a rose is a rose?

Copyright © 2011 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.