Right or Wrong? (Chords)
D              Bm       D         Bm
Ch       Right or wrong, wrong or right?
D              Bm       D         Bm
Right or wrong, wrong or right?
D          Bm         G           A
V1 When I was sick at the hospital,
    D                 Bm
I met a young nurse.
G                            A
She looks like my mom,
D                       Bm
Bright eyes, big eyes.
G                              A
Sweet, sweet is her smile.
G                        A      D        D7
We had a good time together.
G                 A            D      Bm
V2 Today I proposed to her.
         G                       A                     A
She said, "You're a Mormon. I'm a Protestant.
G                     A       G                A                D      D7
We can't be together. It's just the way it should be."
        G   A            D           D7
My heart was so enraged.
      G               A                       D        D7
I smashed my plate against the wall.
G     A             Bm
I shouted and freaked out.
G                                    A
What's wrong to be a Mormon?
G                                   A          D            A
What's wrong with my religion anyway?

Copyright © 2011 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.