Peanut (Chords)
Am                                                   F
V1         We're a peanut, a double-jointed peanut.
We do the tango together.
Together we do the dance of love.
Am                            F
V2 Where you go, I will go.
Am                                F
Where you stay, I will stay.
We take the good times,
And the bad times together.
Br When I get a sneeze,
Em                   A
You'll catch a cold.
        Em        A
If I perish, I perish,
Em                  A
We'll perish together.
D                            Bm
Ch Your heart is in my heart.
D                            Bm
My heart is in your heart.
G                     A
Till the end of time,
G                     A
Till the end of time,
We'll never part.

Rodger Tolentino Copyright © 2011 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.