One and a Half Men (Chords)
C               Em                         C7
V1         I've a man who's my husband. I've a half man
                     F       Fm     C             Am          Dm      G
Who's my ex-boyfriend.  They both live  in my heart.
C                         Em                       C7               F         Fm
My husband is a hard-workin' man and  lovely guy  too.
Fm       C              Am        Dm                       G
My ex-boyfriend  is    an easy - goin' and handsome guy.
                   C       Em        C7
Ch Although I married      my husband,
                            F        Fm                  C        Am
I can't get my ex-boyfriend   out of my mind.
             Dm           G
He still lives  in my heart.
C            Em          Am                                Em
V2 Look! I wear my weddin' ring on my ring finger
              Em         Am                                    Em
While I wear my ex  -  boyfriend's ring on my mid-finger.
F                G     F                   G    F                G
And up to now, my husband still   hasn't found out
C        Am    F               G
Who gave  that ring to me.
C              Em    A7     Dm              G
I  keep it all    to      myself,   to myself.
V3 Tu ru ru ru ru ru ru.
La la la la la la.
La la la la la la.
                           Dm      G
I keep it all to myself.

Copyright © 2012 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.