My Love (Chords)
          D         C     Em                             A
V1         My love, my darling,   I love your sweet voice,
    D                        C     Em                         A
I love your perfect body, and your long slick hair.
D                 Bm
Ch I  love you, I     love you,
G                         A
Just the way you are, my love.
D                 C    Em                                   A
V2 Ev'ryday for hours,  I just wanna be with you.
D                 C   Bm                       A
How can I live,       live without you?
D                C   Em                      A
V3 I  run my fingers    thro' your long hair.
D                 C       Em               A
Oh, what a feelin'! Oh, what a feelin'!
Bbm                     C    Bbm         A
Br We'll always be together,     oh forever.

Copyright © 2013 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.