Mister High and Mister Low (Chords)
D                     G
V1         Hello, Mister High.
D                                            G
Mister High is always Mister High.
       D                          G
So high, high as he can go,
D                       G        D
High in fashion, high in life,
D                                                     D
High in class, thinking it will always last.
D                G
V2 Hello, Mister   Low.
D                                             G
Mister Low is always Mister Low.
D                                G
So low, low as he can go,
D                     G
Low in taste, low in class,
D                 G
Low in life style,
D          G
Low in all.
F                                G
Ch One day, you'll be surprised.
F                                                           G
Some Mister High will become Mister Low.
F                                                           G            E
Some Mister Low will become Mister High.

Copyright © 2011 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.