Move Mountains (Chords)
A                            C#m    A7                    D        Dm
Ch         Man can move mountains,  man can move mountains,
Dm               A          F#             Bm
But who can stop the Earth from spinnin'
Round and round?
A                 C#m     A7     D               Dm
She was a CEO   of large corporation,
A                A                F#     Bm         E
She was a successful business woman.
A           C#m    A7        D       Dm
She had power, she had plans.
Dm      A    F#                Bm      E
So  young and was so smart.
Em                                            A
Br One day, she went to see her doctor,
Em                                            A
And learned that she had liver cancer.
D                                 Bm   Em
At first, her colleagues came  to  visit her quite often.
Em                 A                     D
Not too long, no one came at all.
G                                   A        D
V Since she knew that her cancer was way too
Advanced to cure,
G                            A      D                          D7
She began to give away ev'rything she had.
G   A                        D                      Bm
Unexpectedly, she jumped thro' the window hospital
      G          A       G              A
To end her misery, to end her life.
G                            D       E
Oh, what a life, prolific life!

Copyright © 2012 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.