They Won Lotto 6/49 (Lyrics)

Words and Music by Rodger Tolentino
Concept by Anderson Hung
Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.

The won the Lotto six forty-nine.
The won the Lotto six forty-nine.
A ticket to joy, a ticket to happiness,
A ticket to excitement, an overwhelmin' feelin'.
They told their sons, they told their daughters.
They told their friends, they told their neighbors.

Verse 1
They went back to the Philippines from Canada
To tell their grandparents and old neighbors.
Very soon the whole village knew
That they won six-forty-nine.

Verse 2
The next day by their stairs right by their house,
They were kidnapped for ransom.
When their sons and daughters
Refused to pay the ransom,
They were found dead in the dump.