They Won Lotto 6/49 (Lyrics)
Ch         The won the Lotto six forty-nine.
A                                           E
The won the Lotto six forty-nine.
      A           E      A           E
A ticket to joy, a ticket to happiness,
      A          E                     A                     B
A ticket to excitement, an overwhelmin' feelin'.
E7                            E7
They told their sons, they told their daughters.
A                          E        A                 E
They told their friends, they  told their neighbors.
                   A               E                  A       E
V1 They went back to the Philippines from  Canada
            A     E                   A             E
To tell their grandparents and old neighbors.
A        E           A                    E
Very soon the whole village knew
                A          B
That they won six-forty-nine.
A                                 B                        E           C#m
V2 The next day by their stairs right by their house,
A                 B                  E
They were kidnapped for ransom.
A                                  B
When their sons and daughters
E                            C#m
Refused to pay the ransom,
A                          B               E
They were found dead in the dump.

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