Kiss Her Goodbye (Chords)
E                              G#m  F#m
V1         I met my love one at work. She  was pretty,
She was smart, and we're in love.
E                                    G#m
Last week we went for a hike.
                   F#m                          B
We climbed up    the Lion Rock Mountain,
F#m                                        B
And trekked along side of the ridge.
G                    Bm                    Bm
V2 Suddenly, she tripped and fell down.
                       Am                                           D
I couldn't see her,    but I loudly called out her name,
Am                                                     D       B      E
But all I could hear was the sound of rain.
E                                      G#m
Since there was no one to help,
F#m                                                      B
I      ran down the mountain as fast as I could.
F#m                                                 B
V3 The flyin' rescue team and I arrived soon.
    E                           G#m
I tried to call out her name.
F#m                                                         B
She opened her eyes, and took her last breath.
F#m                                                             B
I kissed her goodbye, and wished she's not dead.
G  Bm              G       Am                                   D
V4 I  can't sleep at all. Ev'ry   time when I close my eyes,
Am                                           D
All I can see is the face of my love.
Am                                                                    A         B
I    feel I want to kiss her, and feel her one more time.
La la la la la la,  la la la la la la la.

Copyright © 2012 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.