I'm a Big Girl Now (chords)
Em                   Bb
V         I    don't know when,
Dm                   G
I    don't know how,
Em                      Bb
But one thing for sure I know,
Dm              G
I'm a big girl now.
Em            Bb     Dm          G
I    feel so good, I    feel so alive,
Em            Bb        Dm                 G
I    feel so sublime, I    feel so real now.
Gm                 C              F
Ch I    put make-up on my face,
Gm                  C               F
I    change the color of my hair,
Gm                  C                      F
I    wear sexy shorts with high heel shoes.
Gm                 C                     F         Dm        G
Don't treat me as your little sister.

Words and Music by Rodger Tolentino
Copyright © 2013 All rights reserved.