I Lost My Religion (Chords)
D                 Dm
V1         I wanted to study theology,
         D                          Bm
But a friend of mine told    me.
                  D               Bm
If I would make it in optometry,
    D                     Bm
I could earn big money.
D                                        Bm
V2 After I graduated from the study,
       D           Bm    D             Bm
I decided to open  an optical shop
               D                   Bm
With my partner beside me.
          D                     Bm
Yes indeed, we make money,
D                  Bm
Lots, lots of money.
G                            A       G           A
Ch1 Every week now I realize it's not enough.
G       A     G        A        G                   A
To satisfy my appetite, 6/49 is where I try.
 G               A         A
Ch2 That I may win big money,
   G        A                              D
Lots of money, that's what I want.
 G               A   G             A
Ch3 That I may win  lots of money,
 G                  A                             D
More, more money, that's what I want.

Copyright © 2011 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.