I Can't Understand (Chords)
A            Bm   D           E
V1         I am sad and I'm so angry.
A          Bm
I have sleepless nites.
    D             E
I can't understand
 A                            Bm
Why he didn't invite me
           D                       E
To dance with him that nite.
      A                                                         C#
Ch Am I not pretty enough? Am I not young enough?
                D                     Dm
Am I not rich enough for him?
A                                              E
I can't understand. I can't understand.
A                        Bm     D       E
V2 I'm goin' to give him   another chance.
  A                Bm
Tonite is the nite
D                                     E
To see if he'll change his mind.

Copyright © 2014 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.