How Can I Love You? (Chords)
Am                                                     F
V         Where is the bridge between you and me?
Am                                           F
Where is the love that used to be?
Am                                                F
I    love you, I love you, you love me.
Am                                                           F      Am
Ch But you're not behavin' like a man should be.
F                             G    F                       G
But how can I love you  if you're not so right?
F                         G   F                            G
How can I love you when you're hurtin' inside?
                      G   F                       G     Am     Fm7
Even the blue pills are not helpin' inside.
Am               F               Am
Br I    love you, I love you,  I     love you.
Am                              F      Am7      F7
I    wonder if you love me.

Copyright © 2012 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.