Forbidden Drugs (Chords)
Am                      F
Ch1         It's  hip to do the forbidden drugs.
Am                           F
It's  hip to do the forbidden drugs,
Am                                                     F
'cause once you're hooked, and you cannot stop.
Ah, ha, ha! Ah, ha, ha!
(Repeat forbidden 2x)
Am                                     F
Ch2 It's  hard to kick once you start.
Am                                F
It's  hard to beat and reverse it back,
If you know, if you know.
(Ah, ah, ah! Ah, ha, ha!)
Em                     A
V Your spirit is willin',
Em                        A
But your body is weak.
Em                         A
You reach out the ceilin',
Em                         A                               D      E
You enjoy such a thrillin', but you cannot stop.

Copyright © 2014 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.