Double Vow (Chords)
Fb                       C
Ch         I can't control myself.
 Fb                       C
I've broken my vows.
Fb              C     Fb             C
My soul is sold. I'm  feelin' cold.
       Fb              C             Fb               C
My heart was shattered, shattered to pieces
Fb                              C
By my previous girl friend.
Fb                      C  
I vowed not to marry
Fb                  C          Fb                 C
'Cause I'm a priest, a priest with conviction.
Am              F            Am           F
V She's a worshipper, young and pretty.
Am                                        F
She comes to church every Sunday
Am                            F
To talk about her burden.
Am                                    F
Every time I look into her eyes,
Am                      F
My pupils are dilatin'.
Am                                F
Every time she touches my hand,
G                                                          C
There's no way my heart will ever mend.

Copyright © 2011 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.