Don't Talk to Strangers (Chords)
D             A                     G
V1       Hey little girl dressed with pretty pink sleeves
D            A             G
Walking across the street.
D                A          G                  A
Be careful. Don't be careless.
D        A       G             D      A        G
Ch Don't talk to strangers. Don't talk to strangers.
D A G     D       A        G                  D A G 
Don't.      Don't talk to strangers.
D            A              G
V2 You can talk to your mommy and your daddy.
D            A              G
You can talk to your teachers.
D            A                G
Talk to your brothers, sisters and friends.
        D      A       G
Just don't talk to strangers.
Em        A             D
Br Oh, be careful and take care.
Em       Am   D
Always be    aware
Em      Am      D
Who's around you,
Em    Am          D
Who surrounds you.

Copyright © 2011 Donna Kennedy. All rights reserved.