Doctor Ho (Lyrics)

Words and Music by Rodger Tolentino
Concept by Anderson Hung
Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved.

Doctor Ho, Doctor Ho,
Tomorrow you'll be rich.
Doctor Ho, Doctor Ho, you'll be famous.
Tomorrow will come, tomorrow will come,
Will be your big day.
But one thing, one thing wrong.
Couldn't open his clinic in Canada
'cause he was trained in Hong Kong.
Got to enter, got to enter medical school again.
Oh, Doctor Ho graduated with honors.
Now you got the honor,
Found a place to open his clinic.
Painted the clinic the nite before.
Hot was the nite, hot was the nite.
Told me he'd sleep in the clinic overnite.

Next day I came to celebrate his big day.
Found him lying on the couch
Under the blowin' fan,
Motionless and breathless.
Doctor Ho, Doctor Ho, oh, how can this be?
Doctor Ho, Doctor Ho, this cannot be.
Doctor Ho, Doctor Ho, forever will be.