Doctor Ho (Chords)
           Am                F
Ch Doctor Ho, Doctor Ho,
  Am                           F
  Tomorrow you'll be rich.
  F                                                 F
  Doctor Ho, Doctor Ho, you'll be famous,
  Am                             F
  Tomorrow will come, tomorrow will come,
  Will be your big day.
  Am                                 F
  But one thing, one thing wrong.
  Am                                         F
  Couldn't open his clinic in Canada
   Am                                 F
  'cause he was trained in Hong Kong.
  Am                                  F
  Got to enter, got to enter medical school again.
  Am                                            F
  Oh, Doctor Ho graduated with honors.
  Now you got the honor.
  Found a place to open his clinic.
  Am                                   F
  Painted the clinic the nite before.
  Am                      F
  Hot was the nite, hot was the nite.
  Am                                  F
  Told me he'd sleep in the clinic overnite.
  C                G          Am
V Next day I came to celebrate his big day.
  F                                  G
  Found him lyin' on the couch
  Under the blowin' fan,
  Motionless and breathless.
  Am                                               F
  Doctor Ho, Doctor Ho, oh, how can this be?
  Am                                F
  Doctor Ho, Doctor Ho, this cannot be.
  Am                                 F                       Am    F    Am
  Doctor Ho, Doctor Ho, forever will be.

Words and Music by Rodger Tolentino
Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved.