Did You Know? (Chords)
D                                F#m
V           Oh, my love, did you know
Am                                B
That I bought my first camera
                       Em                          A
All because of you, all because of you?
D                                    F#m
Oh, my darling, did you know
    Am                                          B
That    I took the photo lessons too
      Em             A                           A
All because of you, all because of you?
  D                                                                  Em
Ch Let's just capture this moment, this moment of your life
All because my love goes stronger.
D                                       Bm
Let's capture your smiling eyes.
                             Em                                 A
See your cheerful face  glowing in the sun shinin'.
One thing I know that things will change.
Change as time goes by.
                             A                 D
Like every other love grows stronger.
Keep getting stronger.

Copyright © 2011 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.