I'm a Dandelion (Lyrics)

Words and Music by Rodger Tolentino
Concept by Anderson Hung
Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved.

Verse 1
I'm a dandelion, I'm ev'rywhere,
I'm a pretty yellow flower
In a green, green lawn.
You got to know though as I am.
I survive harsh winter's cold,
I survive hot summer's spell,
And other seasons too as well.

And when the wind blows strong,
I turn into parachute hay.
People hate me, and try to weed me away.
No matter how they try,
Sure, I will always survive.

Verse 2
I love children. They love to play with me.
Not many people appreciate me.
They call me a weed.
That's not a good treat,
Not knowin' I can detox a liver smear,
A liver smear.

(Repeat chorus)