Floating Casino (Chords)
D                                      Em
Ch         There's a floatin' casino in Macau.
They call her "Sure Win".
It's been the ruin of many men.
D                                       Em
And I, oh Lord, am one of them.
V My father was a factotum.
Em                                      Em
Left my mother when I was young.
D                                                Em
He kept on drinkin' and kept on gamblin'
D                            Em
Until the end of his time.
Bm            B#m
Br Go tell my son,    say,
Bm                         B#m
Don't do as I have done.
Bm                         B#m
Not all aboard can come back home
Em                   G                         A 
From the open sea to the cloudy sky.

Copyright © 2012 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.