Gimme a Break (Chords)
D                          D
V1         I'm a photocopier, I'm a photocopier,
Photocopy that's what I do.
             A      Em              A
I hate people, I    hate people
Em                                          D
For all the pressures I have to go thro'.
V2 They don't understand me,
D                                                Em
They don't understand me how I feel.
They just take it lightly,
They just take it lightly
Of the load that is so real.
Bm                         A
Ch They press this button,
Bm                         A
They press that button,
Bm                         A
And gimme no breaks.
Bm                                 F#
One fine day, I'm goin' away
                              G      B
To vent my anger away.

Copyright © 2011 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.