April Rose (Chords)
A                     F#m
V1         I'm a rose in April,
Bm                    E
A    flower in bloom.
A                         F#m
Your voice is so sweet.
Bm                      E
Your face is so lovely.
A                            F#m
V2 How bright can you be?
Bm                      E
O,  bright as the sun.
A                         F#m
You've stolen my heart, my love.
Bm                       E
You've stolen my soul.
D                  Dm    A          F#
Ch My lover is mine    and I'm his.
Bm                              E
Your love is like a perfume,
A                       F#m
Like a chioce wine.
Bm               E                  A      E
My lover is mine and I'm his.
A        F#m                     E
V3 I'm a gift      for you to unfold.
Bm                    F#m    Bm            E
I'm sealed as a fountain for you to enjoy.
A                   F#m         Bm                E
O, passion is burnin'. Come  into my garden.
A                          F#m       B                        E
Go down to the groove  to gather the rose of April.

Copyright © 2012 Rodger Tolentino. All rights reserved.